Our Story

Covid was the end and the beginning, creating a dramatic detour and an unknown path ahead. In the darkness, light was revealed. I found personal balance escaping outside, walking endlessly on nature’s treadmill. Everyday I felt peace, falling in love with Mother Nature up close and personal.  The great outdoors reconnected me to childhood memories. With a warm heart, I relived hunting frogs amongst rows of sunflowers with my beloved cousin Michael, picking produce in my grandpa’s garden, and skipping rocks in the pond by a beaver dam. To this day, nothing makes me smile more than going for “A Walk in Nature” with my three sons, finding inspiration in camping trip tales and adventures.

Peace love and Kesim is a new Canadian company launching with loads of love courtesy of Covid and a daily dose of renewed balance.  The awesome beauty of nature, I witnessed walking, evolved to running! Each day, rain, shine or snow, life is filled with an outdoor adventure, and brought to life in our stunning labels by local Canadian artists.

Each label has a story. Some of the animals I simply took a snapshot, some I rescued and some I did bore witness to. Each creature no matter how small, from the beetle to the snake, to the polar bear found a way to my heart.

Our brand is connected to Nature on every level. Peace, love and Kesim combines the simplicity of 100% soy candles, 100% essential oils and cotton wicks, bringing the allure of outside inside. Our mission is help you love your personal space holistically.  As a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and a Certified Personal Trainer, I believe in loving yourself inside and out with a heap of hocus pocus! With every purchase of a Peace love and Kesim candle, you are helping give back.

We donate to such worthy causes as Toronto Wildlife, Coyote Watch Canada, Cochrane Polar Bear Habitat, One Tree Planted and The Owl Foundation.

I look forward to travelling again, expanding my wilderness workout territory for more stunning labels.

A walk in nature walks the soul back home

- Mary Davis