Essential Oils

Mother Nature provided us with a wealth of wholistic plant love. Approximately 6000 years ago, man discovered using essential oils supported mental and physical wellness throughout the body. The living world offers an array of scents, extracted from various parts of trees, shrubs, herbs, grasses, roots, fruit pulp and peel, flower petals, seeds, and leaves. Essential oils are produced through the process of steam distillation or cold-pressed. There are about 300 essential oils available today, making it impossible to choose a favorite.

Smell is a potent wizard that transports us across thousands of miles and across all the years we have lived

- Helen Keller

Scent style is personal and close to the heart. Lose yourself in an enchanted garden of fresh flowers, turn up the heat with spicy cinnamon, energize with citrus or get lost in the woods while in the comfort of your own home. Peace love and Kesim candles offer a magical escape.

Peace love and Kesim blends an array of exquisite essential oils referred to as notes in every premium pure soy candle. Top notes are the attention grabbers. Heart notes, sometimes referred to as the middle notes are the full-bodied scents that lighten the long-lasting stronger base notes. Together the notes perform in a symphony of stupendous scent synergy.