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Peace love and Kesim is consciously connected to Mother Nature. Dealing with Covid was simplified by trading cement roads for dirt paths. Residing in an urban center is stressful, finding the time to take a break from being a busy bee brought balance! Beauty surrounds us. Earthing is all about walking barefoot, hugging a tree, skipping rocks, and wiggling your toes in the sand. Peace love and Kesim is passionate about helping preserve the sights and sounds of the living world.

Coyote Watch Canada

Peace Love and Kesim proudly supports Coyote Watch Canada. Coexistence is fundamental in todays fast moving urban sprawl. Walking, biking and running along city center trails, its not uncommon to see signs posted warning us of coyote sightings. Its our duty to be mindful of their natural habitat, remembering we are the visitors. Running along a major Toronto Street and seeing an Eastern Coyote laying lifeless upon the sidewalk was a heart wrenching reminder of the need to educate the public with facts to combat fear.

One Tree Planted

Peace love and Kesim proudly supports One Tree PlantedMy connection to nature began as a child growing up in Manitoba but rediscovered while trying to escape condo confinement during my Covid stay in Quebec. Missing my mini men and the passion to launch my beloved brand, ultimately led me back to Ontario. I adore the idea of helping support this non-profit environmental charity on its mission of reforestation. As my journey continues, I look forward to hiking throughout Canada.

Cochrane Polar Bear Habitat

From the onset, Peace love and Kesim had its sights set on supporting the snow loving majestic marine mammal of the great white north. Polar bears are threatened with global warming, pollution and hunting. Peace love and kesim proudly supports the  Cochrane Polar Bear Habitat, the only facility in the world dedicated solely to the care of polar bears. Ganuk, Henry and Inukshuk live in a 24-acre natural environment is open to the public and located in Cochrane, Ontario.

The Owl Foundation

Peace love and Kesim proudly supports The Owl Foundation.
With 16 species in Canada, three species endangered in British Columbia, two of my BFF’s owl obsessed and personally turning into a “night owl” launching the brand, it only seemed fitting to support.

Toronto Wildlife Centre

Peace love and Kesim proudly supports the Toronto Wildlife Centre. Sharing our city with a wide array of furry, feathered, crawling,
flying, and swimming friends, accidents are bound to happen. Witnessing first-hand the need for expert help, I brought a yellow-bellied fly catcher to the centre. My beautiful bird is forever perched upon our candle Mystical Myrrh + Flower Power.

Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.
John Muir